William Moore

Director of Communications & Content @ TimelyMD

Chris’s intent SEO tactics have had a massive effect on our digital growth. We’ve seen traffic value more than double, organic traffic more than triple, and lead generation quadruple in less than a year. When these leads represent such high-value customers, the benefit to our bottom line can’t be overstated.

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Craig Battin

Chief Growth Officer @ Earnest

Chris is one-of-a-kind. While most SEOs are focused on traffic, he’s focused on revenue. He ranked us high on page one of Google for valuable industry search terms, which led to a nearly 300% increase in traffic value in just four months.

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Scott Abramson

Director of Growth @ Two Chairs

Chris is the best SEO I have ever worked with. He’s incredibly focused on driving business outcomes that matter. He helped us rank on the top page for terms like “San Jose Therapist” and “Oakland Therapist.” This drove meaningful new client business that allowed us to continue our expansion throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. He also helped us get our blog content in front of more people which allows us to help more people and increase brand awareness.

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R. Scott Harris

Owner @ Social Factor

Chris built the top-performing lead generation machine in my industry. His SEO strategy and execution best practices deliver 10x ROI value year-after-year. As a person, he’s well-informed, articulate and detail-oriented. His processes are thorough, above reproach and data-driven. Lastly, he brings innovative platforms to accomplish the efforts at scale. The SEO mystery is solved under Chris’s mastery.

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Steve Brancale

SVP Sales @ Postclick

With Chris running SEO at Instapage our Sales team was always kept very busy with qualified inbound leads. I always ask prospects where they had heard of us and 90% of the time their response would be that “I just found you on Google.” Knowing that this crucial piece of our demand-gen strategy was always in great hands with Chris let us sleep well at night and I highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to get to the top of Page 1.

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Jonathan Cooper

VP Content Intelligence @ Digitas Health

Chris focuses on business metrics that matter – conversions. He is focused on business impact over vanity rankings, working with clients and partners to develop strategies that extend beyond search. He grounds everything in the mindset of the consumer (what do they need or want and why are they searching now?) and builds staged programs to educate, inform, and convert. While he’s capable of delivering the quick win, he understands that his clients are looking to BUILD their business and that is what he does.

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